sarit madmon

I have always loved creating and engaging in handicrafts.
Imagination was my love.
For me, the challenge in creation is the ability to take raw material and an idea and create a reality out of it.

During my degree in product design I realized that jewelry design, sculpture and graphic design are the right combination for me, so at the end I decided to go and delve into this world in my studies at "SHENKAR".

I take a lot of inspiration from nature and little things that are around me, a different “point of view” about the little details in life.
Combining different techniques and materials.

I strongly believe in individual design "ONE-OFF"
Very close to the art world, I create one item or series of limited items of the same type.
This guarantees the customer enjoyment of a unique product, making the product a personal story and a one-time experience!

Happy to meet you :)


"אומנות ועיצוב מובילים אותי"

שרית מדמון

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